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Sex, Ambition and Acquisition (substack)

Is there such a thing as cringe lit? This is masterful cringe lit, very smart, very meta, very cringe. I mean British Office cringe, not sentimental American Office. It turns the cringe-gaze back to the consumer of cringe, and asks why we cringe the way we do...


School of the Alternative: I'm teaching a class!

Beyond the Hero’s Journey: Storytelling to Make Sense of Care Work, Reckon with the Past, and Imagine Futures

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Reading Hard Things: On losing the Trauma Plot (substack)

What I am saying is I, like many people, have an expansive language for physical injury and disease. But not as much for other kinds of dis-ease.


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Occasional updates and posts on medicine, medical humanities, literature, art, science, journalism, cultural criticism, care work and making art.


On the Banality of Story (substack)

Care, maintenance, repair—none of this is something heroes do or heroines can restore. This kind of activity is repetitive, it aims to keep things the same or cyclical. If we can only conceive of story as transformation, discovery, conquest, production, then this type of activity is not legible in storytelling.


A Brief History of Time Travel (essay)

Time travel is the business of the storyteller, who moves us through plot. The storyteller takes us to past, present and future. Then they contort the timeline entirely: contracting and dilating moments, building tension, suspending us—then diving through wormholes, slipping through madeleine-laced trap doors

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