Physician, author, bon vivant.

I am an infectious disease physician and writer.

I went to school in philosophy and neuroscience, then in medicine and public health. I have trained at Berkeley, UCSF, and Yale and served as faculty at Washington University. I care for patients and have conducted clinical research in the intersection of infectious disease, health disparities, substance use and incarceration. This work has been funded by NIH, CDC, and others.

I write personal essays, narrative nonfiction, science communication, cultural criticism, and experimental works. I teach medical and lay audiences. My writing and interviews have appeared in Vogue, Ms. magazine, NY Times, Washington Post, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, and others.

Infectious disease, fungus, literature, cultural criticism, decolonization and kinship are some lens by which i study things. 

Current foci: the nature of labor and meaningful work; mothering, auntyhood and care as a fundamental organizational principal; psychonautic metaphysics and the role of medicines to heal the healers; bodies and our place in the ecosystem; envisioning post-capitalism; divination and poetics; eros in the broad sense and pleasure activism. I am always interested in plagues, medicinals and the indomitable force of storytelling.

I value rest and enjoy collaboration.